Category 2 Global Business Companies (GBC2)

Another business model which is available to conduct business outside Mauritius is the Category Global Business Companies.

 There are restrictions in the activities which a GBC2 can conduct.  The following activities will normally not be approved for a GBC2:

  1. Banking;
  2. Financial Services other than operating leases;
  3. Carrying out the business of holding or managing or otherwise dealing with collective investment schemes as a professional functionary;
  4. Provision of registered office facilities, nominee services, directorship services, secretarial services or other such related services;
  5. Provision of trusteeship services by way of business.

 A GBC2 will be considered as conducting business outside Mauritius notwithstanding the fact that:

  1. It opens and maintains a bank account in Mauritius;
  2. It holds shares, debentures or other interest or otherwise deals or transacts with a corporation holding a Global Business Licence.
  3. It enters into a business relationship with a management company, a law practitioner or a qualified auditor in Mauritius.

 The salient features of a GBC2 are :

  1. A minimum of one shareholder and one director (which may be an individual or a corporation).
  2. GBC2 is statutorily prevented from engaging in certain activities, as listed above..
  3. Board meetings can be held anywhere in the world and can be conducted by telephone..
  4. It is not tax resident in Mauritius and as such it is exempt from payment of all taxes in Mauritius.
  5. Foreign companies can continue as a GBC2 in Mauritius.
  6. Corporate domicile can be changed to another jurisdiction.
  7. GBC2 may issue “par value” as well as “no par value” shares
  8. No limit on authorised share capital.
  9.  It should have a registered agent and registered office in Mauritius.

Potential uses of GBC2

  1. A GBC2 provides greater flexibility and is a suitable vehicle for holding and managing private assets.
  2. GBC2 are often used for investment holdings, for instance as Special Purpose Vehicles.
  3. GBC2 are frequently used for holding assets and for acting as investment companies for High Net Worth Individuals.


Financial statements of a GBC1 and GBC2 are filed with the FSC and not with the Registrar of Companies and are therefore confidential and not accessible to the public.

Public inspection of global business company records filed with the Registrar of Companies is only possible for public companies but is restricted for GBC1.

The supervisory and regulatory authorities keep all information disclosed by global business entities confidential unless required under the Financial Intelligence and Anti-money Laundering Act 2002 or The Prevention of Corruption Act 2002 or under a Protocol for the exchange of information with other regulatory bodies to disclose specific information, for supervisory purposes only.