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Guidance Notes on Whistleblowing for public consultation – FSC

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the “FSC”) is issuing a draft of the Guidance Notes on Whistleblowing for public consultation in line with its transparent rule-making process. The purpose of the Guidance Notes is to specify the minimum standards which the FSC would expect its licensees to implement in their Whistleblowing Policy for the protection of whistleblowers, building on and formalising the good practices already existing in parts of the financial services industry.

The Whistleblowing Policy to be adopted by licensees will vary based on the size and nature of the entity taking into consideration the fundamentals set out by the FSC in the Guidance Notes. The draft Guidance Notes can be accessed through this link. Industry stakeholders and the public are invited to send their comments, feedback and suggestions in relation to the above-mentioned draft Guidance Notes, not later than 30 April 2024, on the following email address: It is to be noted that the provisions of the draft Guidance Notes do not reflect the final stand of the FSC and they may be revised in light of the views and comments received during this consultation exercise.

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