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Expatriate support and residency services

Work and live in Mauritius

Mauritius is a popular destination for expatriates and residents seeking to take advantage of its many benefits. As such, it has become an increasingly attractive destination for those looking to manage their finances more effectively and optimise their tax situation. To meet the needs of these individuals, NS offers a range of support services designed to help expatriates and residents make the most out of their stay in the country.

The Mauritian government offers several types of permits to those interested in relocating to the country, including Investor Permit, Self-Employed Permit, and Professional Permit. Investor Permit is designed for those looking to invest in an economic activity within the country, such as setting up a business or engaging in real estate investment. The permit also provides access to work and live legally in Mauritius. Self-employed permits are designed for entrepreneurs and other independent professionals, such as writers, freelance consultants, and photographers who wish to start their own businesses in the country. Professional Permits are designed for those looking to be employed in a Mauritian company.

Services include: